Saturday, June 8, 2013

Aku Ingin Jogja

Simple Tips to Fix Keyboard Not Functioning
Perhaps you have experienced a problem with your keyboard, notebook keyboard computer keyboard or not functioning properly. Problems often arise on the keyboard is a keyboard feels hard when used for typing. Even the severe damage, the keyboard really do not work.

To address the damage this keyboard as it does not have to pay expensive. If we can create a creative idea, then the problem can be solved on the keyboard.

Aku Ingin Jogja, Before doing repairs on the keyboard, to know the first few things that can cause a broken keyboard, which are due to the moist air space, exposed to dust, water and exposed keyboard.

The characteristics of a damaged keyboard is the sound of 'beep' when the computer / laptop is turned on. Damage occurs to the carbon layers in the keyboard section, this section which we will fix.

First, decide which keyboard key is damaged. Then open the plastic on the key board with a knife. The bottom of the button will no circular rubber layer are connected with PCB board underneath.

Our next task is to clean layer of rubber that contains carbon, also clean the PCB board. If it is enough, replace the plastic board. With these tips then the keyboard can function again.